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Installation Power Buggy Rental
Installation Power Buggy Rental

  Our Company takes pride in handling all kinds of demolition jobs. Our demolition experts will do their best to address all of your operational needs and complete your demolition projects with the utmost concern for your safety.

  We can be your dependable Contractor for building demolition, interior demolition, site clearing as well as asphalt removal. Our professionally trained specialists only use cutting-edge tools to avoid downtime. We can also customize our equipment to meet your needs. And most importantly, we make your project our priority.


  D and D Excavation is your expert at building your new septic system. 

From engineering to installation. Whether new construction or replacing a failed system, we provide, professional, honest, cost-effective work. 

  We are fully bonded and insured, with a full crew of professionals, to deliver high standard work at affordable prices! We always deliver a safe, quality service and have built our reputation on honesty and integrity.


  If you’re experiencing basement flooding, foundation damage, or rainwater drainage issues, then drainage correction may be the best solution for your home. One commonly used form of drainage correction is the French drain.

  This french-style drain includes a perforated pipe usually covered by rocks or gravel, which catches water and diverts it away from your yard. Our goal is your satisfaction while serving you with both character and integrity. Our expert team is committed to providing you with the utmost care, personalized service, and dedication for all of your drainage needs!

Excavator Tractor

  Whether you're interested in repairing the faucet or replacing it because faucet gaskets commonly age and get hardened or no longer seal the faucet that keeps it from leaking.

  Our response team is ready to serve you with our outstanding services.  Our professionals are trained to identify the cause of the problem and find the best solutions for your home.


Setting the proper grade and drainage is vital to prevent water damage to your yard and home. Our grading equipment and laser technology help achieve the proper grade.
  We guarantee proper drainage on our finish grade, taking extra care to make sure that all our grades are correct. We can correct drainage on already established yards and new construction sites. We have always been dedicated to hard work and top-of-the-line service.


We specialize in tilling and herbicide and can even lay new sod over your existing lawn.

 We provide our customers with quality products at a fair price every time with our motto being, "the sale is not done until the customer says so." We will always resolve any problem, no matter the circumstance.

Installation Power Buggy Rental

  D and D Excavation is a  dirt contractor of choice for soil compaction,  excavating, and complete site development. Our excavation and dirt work expertise includes all forms of earthwork contracting and dirt-moving that range from simple grading projects to complex site development projects.

  We have crews and equipment available for building pad compaction, grading, and all forms of site development. 


  When you consider all the different drains you have in your home or business, you must conclude you need a plumber who understands how to clean them all: Kitchen drains, bathroom sink, tub, and shower drain, toilets, floor drains – even downspout and sewer drains need maintenance. 

  Our skilled technicians have the training and experience to cut through clogs and remove blockages from your drains. We understand how to use the proper equipment to perform the job quickly and efficiently, with little interruption to your home or business life. 


  We remove debris from your gutters and downspouts and clear the roof near your gutter system. Your gutter cleaner will verify that the water flows correctly to avoid soil and terrain damage. 

  You should also take care of your gutters after a severe weather event. Our service is affordable. Save yourself a lot of time and money on supplies, stay safe, and get it done right.

Excavator Tractor

  Say goodbye to uneven or broken asphalt with services from the reliable team at D and D Excavation. Whether you need new asphalt, stones, dirt etc  for your driveway, we do it right the first time and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  We stand behind the quality of the driveway installations that we produce, and the same is there when it comes to our driveway resurfacing and driveway replacement provisions too. We deliver service reliability that means our community can trust us with their valued homes.


D and D Excavation brings the services needed to prepare homes for building, with the right foundation, digging services and site preparation at hand, you can begin your work on a solidly laid foundation with our assistance.

  With the right digging and grading in place, your foundation experts can quickly make their way into position, bringing speed and efficiency to the overall build. It’s through these conjoined efforts that the task you have at hand is completed with speed, yet too high levels of accuracy.


  Poor drainage around your home can cause excessive seasonal foundation movement including heaving. If your foundation heaves, it may be necessary to install a Curtain Drain. When you work with our team, you won’t have to concern yourself with juggling multiple service professionals for different plumbing jobs.


  We offer comprehensive plumbing services so that your pipes and drains will remain in exceptional condition. We are well equipped and experienced to handle all different types of plumbing emergencies.

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